Carpetsonline focuses on providing all kinds of designs along with different sizes and shapes that would best match your space.In some cases, the only thing needed to give uniqueness to a particular space is to avoid the use of an ordinary, rectangular rug. By using round, octagon or oval shaped carpets, you can improve the space in a way that normal rectangular designs cannot achieve.

Typically, narrow entrances or small spaces; require small rugs with repetitive patterns. Using big sized carpets with large motifs or medallions can be used in bigger rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms; otherwise it will overwhelm small spaces and will distract the eye.


If one large carpet will be placed in a room, make sure to choose the size adequately so that the floor border is symmetrical to the edges of the carpet. If the design theme is not symmetrical, then the opposite sides should at least commensurate.

Carpets are used for different purposes. If your purpose is to make the carpet the focal point of a space, then a large, catchy design must be used to draw the attention of the eye down into the carpet. If your purpose is to draw attention to a piece of furniture, then you should consider using a carpet with an extended and repetitive pattern to complement the final look of the room rather than becoming the main feature.

The dining room carpet size must be proportionate to the length and width of the table. Choose a size that makes it easy to pull a chair and sit on the table without having the chair legs exceed the edge of the carpet.


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