• Our Company
    GENTLE was established in 2010, we have many years of history in health and hygiene products export business providing health and hygiene innovative products worldwide. specialized in R&D and production of baby diapers, baby pull-ups, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, adult diapers, light incontinence pads, pads, and other ancillary…[Read more]

  • High Ozone UV Disinfection lamp
    Lightweight: This Protective suit is made of lightweight non-woven fabric material, create an effective barrier while still allowing for comfort.
    Protective Design: Coveralls with front long zipper,elastic cuffs, waist,ankles and attached hood, serged seams to help provide higher standard protection.…[Read more]

  • Features
    Quick response via whatsapp or wechat: +861591569299
    Plastic seals can be used in railway transportation, meter boxes, trucks, banks, customs and other occasions. They play a certain role in the safety of goods. Plastic seals are relatively low in cost compared to other lead seal products, so the amount of use is relatively large. The…[Read more]

    2003 Changshi Machine Factory was established as dealer & consult of New & Second-hand Corrugated Machines.
    2006 Changed its name to Guangzhou CLC Packaging & Carton Machinery Co., Ltd, and start to make Chain Feeder Flexo Printer.
    2007 CLC Machinery Starting to work with Korea Engineer, for developing Automatic High Speed Flexo…[Read more]

  • AKT Sleek LED Wall pack light, Commercial Outdoor Light Fixture, 60Watt Replacement Equivalent, Outdoor Security Porch Lighting for Industrial.
    EASY INSTALLATION – Can be directly install on the wall by bolts, fast and easy installation. Dust tight and protected from rain and water jets.
    50000 HOUR LIFETIME – Lifetime of more than 50,000+ hours…[Read more]

  • Description
    For blister processing to be oriented, you must use a mold-blister mold. Blister mold refers to the mold used in the production of blister. The lowest cost is the plaster mold, the second is the electroplated copper mold, and the most expensive is aluminum. mold.
    Generally, we will drill small holes in the mold for vacuum adsorption…[Read more]

  • Introduction
    About our 65Mn Stainless Steel Strip, after heat treatment and cold drawing hardening, the strength is relatively high, with a certain degree of flexibility and plasticity; Under the same surface state and complete quenching condition, the fatigue limit is equivalent to that of the colorful alloy spring. But hardenability is very…[Read more]

  • Ningbo Globaltec Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, specializing in producing and marketing electric heating product. The company is located in Yuyao high & newly technology development zone, which is only 60 kilometers away from the Ningbo sea port.
    We are a professional and competitive factory in this market…[Read more]

  • Our History
    Hangzhou Gauss Inflatable Tech Co., Ltd. is a research and development aerostats (aerostat refers to the use of helium as the main buoyancy lift aircraft, such as various types of airships, balloons, etc.) and its application as the main direction of development of the enterprise, Specializing in development, production and operation…[Read more]

  • Our Company
    Jiangshan City Qingyuan Import&Export Company was founded in 2018 and is engaged in fire extinguisher cylinders and various kind of gas steel cylinders trading. We have own production factory named “Li An fire fighting” and advanced production processing equipment to ensure the quality of the products! And our company’s products are…[Read more]

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    Shanghai langjue mould is a professional production and processing company of mould, carbon fiber,cnc machining and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Shanghai langjue mould Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to…[Read more]

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    Piperonal鈥檚 specification
    Test ItemsSpecifications
    White or colorless crystal
    Freezing point
    1 gram dissolves to 95%(V/V) 4mL ethanol
    Fragrance resembles the perfume flowering plant
    Aldehyde quantity contains (GC)
    CAS NO. 120-57-0…[Read more]

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    The Profile of Guizhou Landerlee Extraction Technology Co., Ltd.
    HK Branch: HK Agri Land Industrial Co.,Ltd
    Guizhou Landerlee Extraction Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Landerlee) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing natural plant extraction, separation and purification process technology and equipment.…[Read more]

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    Our Product
    Hunting blinds, Ice fishing shelter, fold hunting chair, Camouflage netting, Camping tent
    Product Application
    Outdoor deer hunting, fishing, camping, Hiking
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Sewing machine, Cloth inspecting machine
    Production Market
    US market: 3000000 usd/year(2016), EU market: 800000 usd/year(2016)
    US…[Read more]

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    Wenzhou KYI Packaging Ltd. is located in Wenzhou , Zhejiang , China. It owns 11 years of experience in customized packaging&printing products. It has 6 production bases in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Our main products are customized paper boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, food boxes,paper bags, plastic boxes, notebooks,stickers and…[Read more]

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    White Solid PVC Pipe
    Solid white PVC pipe is a very common type of pipe that is most often used for sewer and plumbing needs. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, pipe is a more cost-effective type of pipe than some others like metal pipes. It鈥檚 used for a variety of purposes including yard drainage projects and many DIY craft projects.
    The common PVC dra…[Read more]

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    Our History
    2001 Company Founded.
    2001-2010 Only for the domestic business
    2010 Standardize the Capsule Production Process
    2013 Obtain Import and Export Certificate.
    Upgrade the empty capsule automatic production line
    2014 Sole Proprietorship and Strategic Cooperation with Chinese Top-grade Pharmaceutical company Called RenHe Group.…[Read more]

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    About Kseng
    Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech Co., Ltd, not only owns a first-class management and technical team, but is a national high-tech enterprise. Every year, it invests massive capitals to research and exploit new products and purchase new testing equipment, covering salt spray tester, mechanical tester, etc. With continuous innovation in…[Read more]

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    User-friendly design brings you a comfortable experience. N95 respirator mask is made of advanced non-woven fabric, soft and skin-friendly.
    Adjustable nose clip fits the face to the maximum, reducing the possibility of fogging glasses.
    This N95 respirator mask has 4 filter protection layers to keep your breathing safe, provide at least 95%…[Read more]

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